10 Habits of Effective Mentees in a post-pandemic world

Mentors of teenagers are often asking how they can make a positive difference as a friend of their mentee. The role of mentors in the lives of young people in a post-pandemic global community will take on more importance, as there is enough research already showing increased anxiety, disillusionment [because dreams have been shattered by lockdowns and being unable to attend school or college], and the genuine need to enjoy meaningful face-to-face relationships. Here are 10 suggested areas they can work at with their mentees during the mentoring partnership. While they might not succeed in each area, some positive achievements will help mentees to reach their potential.

1. Surround myself with positive friends.

2. Follow a hobby or interest during the next 30 days.

3. Exercise at least 30 minutes every alternative day (for at least 2.5 hours a week).

4. Spend at least 10 minutes a day reflecting about my life and purpose.

5. Have 9 hours sleep every night.

6. Join a youth, cultural or community club.

7. Seek three adults (in addition to my parents) I trust with my life and stay in touch with them.

8. Give my academic, school subjects or work experience priority in my life.

9. Set myself specific, measurable, intentional, limiting, extending, realistic and achievable goals, using short or small action steps.

10.Be myself – I am unique! Have fun and do nothing that could be potentially life-threatening.

These are the key habits anyone in a mentoring role can develop as they work alongside a young person. All the habits are described in more detail in Letter 2 a Teen – Becoming the best I can be which includes many more tips, ideas and strategies.

There are also other resources available which I have compiled to share strategies, tips and ideas on how to encourage youth to reach their potential. Click here and browse the page.