Goal Getting Examples

Some Achievements

The following are some examples of goals achieved by mentees, aged 13 – 19, during a mentoring relationship which lasted 9 to 12 months:

  • A mentee improved in a subject from 28% to 50%.
  • A mentee worked on weights, which the mentor used to teach goal setting. They had a great relationship.
  • A mentee obtained a part-time job with the help of a mentor.
  • A mentee went off with a mentor and visited shops in a shopping mall. They picked up job applications and the mentee ended up with a job, thus achieving a goal without having written any goal setting steps! The connection with the mentor gave them something to build on for their remaining months of the mentoring journey.
  • A mentee worked at aerobic fitness, as she was going to be a bridesmaid later in the year. She lost weight and improved her self-image, which was observed by her mentor observing more positive body language and a more positive attitude to life as the year progressed.
  • An overweight mentee wanted to do exercise. He went fishing with his mentor and the mentor’s young family. As it was the mentee’s birthday, the mentor gave his mentee a gift voucher. On arriving home, the mentor received a phone call from his mentee saying that the latter had already bought fishing gear. Self-esteem increased, academic work improved and he gained fitness through all the exercise involved with fishing.
  • A mentee, after encouragement from the mentor, started attending the Homework Centre at school, which led to academic improvement and, consequently, increased self-esteem.
  • A mentor drew up a goal setting strategy with his mentee on the computer, as the latter was interested in computers.
  • A mentee committed himself to reading one novel a week to improve his English, with encouragement and support from his mentor.
  • A mentee joined the local library with the help of the mentor.
  • A mentee set up an exercise program with the help of the mentor.
  • A mentee visited a computer firm, learnt how to rebuild computers and then set up his own small business from home.
  • A mentee applied for a job, but was rejected. This was a major setback for the mentee, though the mentor encouraged her to persevere. Six months later, with a better attitude, she applied for a new job with the help of the mentor and gained employment.
  • Many mentees build goals around obtaining a Driving License.
  • A mentee worked towards obtaining an overseas study scholarship. Her mentor helped her prioritize, plan and move out of her comfort zone to undergo new experiences.
  • A mentee from a ‘high risk’ environment, close to joining a gang, totally turned his life around in six months with the support of his mentor, and completed his examinations obtaining distinctions in most subjects.