MENTOR: Strategies to Inspire Youth

Many discussions I have had in recent months with people in different parts of the world have highlighted increasing concerns about the health and wellbeing of young people and young adults. So, I am excited to be offered a book contract by Wipf & Stock publishers to officially publish what was in essence a draft ebook: MENTOR: Strategies to Inspire Youths – Encouragement for Mentors, Educators, Parents, Youth Workers and Coaches. The book, which will be available in early 2024, aims to promote the awareness of the spirit of mentoring among all who journey alongside young people and young adults. Over 1000 mentoring strategies and tips, true stories, mentoring reflections, and lots more. The book will also be a tribute to all who have mentored, supported and encouraged me and shared resources. I will be rewriting sections, updating resources and the book will have a new cover.

Mentoring Minutes - FREE podcasts

These free podcasts have hundreds of tips and ideas to encourage anyone who works alongside youth. We look at self-image, communication, how to set and attain goals, conflict resolution, how to live a healthy and balanced life style, the developing brain, anxiety and stress, resiliency and much more. 260 short podcasts or one a day each day of the week through the year. Access the podcasts and click here 


Recently published books

Robin Cox has collated all his mentoring, teaching, coaching and Christian leadership material in a number of books available on Amazon. Click on the post for more information on each book.

Four Spirit of Mentoring Books

These four books, available from publishers, Essential Resources, will encourage anyone working with youth. They cover topics like:

  • How to set up and run a Peer Support or Peer Mentor Program
  • Ongoing training of Mentors and Peer Mentors – proven quick or longer activities
  • How to carry the spirit of mentoring into and education environment.

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To motivate, inspire and encourage young people (with a particular focus on ages 13 to 19) to reach their potential and be ready to play their part in the 21st Century world of work as happy, creative, entrepreneurial and resilient people.


Affirming and encouraging the ‘Spirit of Mentoring’; with an outcome where young people are guided and equipped to reach their potential, living healthy and balanced lifestyles, within the context of a safe, supportive and secure environment.


The Mentoring Matters material has been developed in line with the findings of international and Australasian research about young people, including some of the most recent adolescent brain research. This material will encourage parents, teachers, volunteer adult mentors and anyone working with youth.

Mentoring Blogs reflects the years of experience being shared with anyone who wishes to encourage, motivate and inspire young people. 

To be cared for (loved)

  • Youth wish to feel safe and secure.
  • The more they are cared for, the more secure they feel.
  • They wish to be surrounded by people who unconditionally care for, appreciate and accept them.
  • They value the positive influences of peers and adults to encourage them to do their best.
  • They are encouraged to appreciate that they are more likely to fulfill their potential when there are clear rules or boundaries in place (some of which can be negotiated). When they step over these boundaries there will be reasonable consequences.

To be valued

  • The more youth are valued the more positive self-worth they experience.
  • They are encouraged to feel they have some control over things that happen to them.
  • Empowering them will be proof that they are valued, respected, liked and are regarded as valuable resources.
  • They value fun time to interact with peers and adults, which involves the development of social skills.

To know that life has meaning and purpose

  • Youth want to know that they matter and their lives have significance.
  • The more they understand that there is a reason for their existence, the more significant they will feel.
  • They value encouragement to explore opportunities within and outside of school to learn and develop new skills and interests.
  • They are encouraged to acquire a commitment to learning: academic success and the long-term value of learning enhances their self-worth as they discover their gifts and talents.
  • They learn to appreciate and understand how to make the tough decisions and choices; how to cope with new situations.
  • They value guidance to develop a positive view of the future.
Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as you ever can.
John Wesley

Mentors, the wise guides who voluntarily move alongside our young people and become great, trusted friends.