A Tribute to Mentors

Chris Skinner is a priest of the Society of Mary, residing in Wellington New Zealand. He has been composing his own songs for over 25 years. He has worked extensively with young people, including those from high risk environments. He wrote this song as a tribute to all people who step out and make a difference in the lives of others; people who move out of their comfort zones and go after their dreams and work hard to see those dreams fulfilled. It is an inspiring song for those who embark on the mentoring journey. Chris has kindly given permission for the lyrics of the song to be included on this website.


There are people in the world,
Like torches in the night.
They light a path of hope
And stand for what is right.
They face adversity,
While others would despair.
They challenge us to be
What others never dared.

(chorus) They are movers, believers, healers.
They are lovers, they’re fighters, dreamers,
And they are human,
So very human,
And it’s human we’re meant to be.

There are people in our world
With passion in their eyes,
And wisdom on their lips
And power in their lives.
They walk the journey, too.
The torrents have been crossed; With mountains still to climb
Their dream is never lost.


It’s not for glory or power or gain; It’s not for that ego, the money or fame; It’s the present, it’s for the future
And for us to fan the flame.

© Chris Skinner