Benefits of a Peer Mentor Program

  • Assisting younger students to settle into the school community quickly, thus feeling safe and secure.
  • Younger students will develop a relationship with older students to whom they can go for assistance and support and to discuss personal issues.
  • The development of a close working relationship between teachers and students.
  • The development of leadership and communication skills in all students through their involvement in the program.
  • A growing awareness of the importance of the concept that to lead is to serve, resulting in students hopefully becoming more involved in their communities throughout their lives.
  • Contributing to the development of a friendly team spirit within the school.
  • Empowering the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make positive choices in their lives and to enrich the family unit.
  • Younger students will appreciate at an early age the importance of self-discipline and the need to shoulder responsibility and be accountable for the decisions they make.
  • The school will be perceived by all as a more positive, caring community, genuinely encouraging all students to reach their potential.