Peer Mentor Training - Students' Feedback

Students’ Feedback

Students attending Peer Mentor Training (between 3 and 6 hours in length) made the following comments about the training they had received and how they had benefited from it:


” … the new skills we have gained and we are very thankful and honored to be a part of this.”

“How we can help others in different ways. Have fun, playing games and acting. Mingle with others and getting to know them.”

“The activities and the food – and learning how to be an influential person rather than a leader.”

“I enjoyed the activities and being able to interact with the other students in a positive way mostly.”

“… I learnt a lot about helping and approaching others positively. The activities give me ideas on how to help my mentee and learning to trust others.”

“I learnt many new ideas to connect with my mentee.”

“Playing activities. Getting to know others better. Learning to become a good mentor.”

“Doing the activities and thinking about ways to be a good peer mentor. The free food we received.”

” … Getting to know what a mentor is and what they do.”

“I found the lesson/exercise about gossiping really effective and practical.”

“Learning personal values of being a mentor. What it takes to be one of the best mentors.”

“Learning and looking in-depth into how to be a peer mentor which can be related to other things in life. Also the listening activities. I enjoyed everything, as I know it is a great benefit to know the things being explained.”

“Reminded me of basic acts of kindness and how valuable they are to everyone.”

“Our activities and the fact that I’ve learnt a lot about being a mentor because we got to touch base with some stuff.”

“Doing different activities not just sitting around.”

“Being able to learn more about how to become a better person in order to relate to my student.”

“Opening up and having fun, learning qualities that I didn’t even have. I enjoyed every moment and it was fun and good encouragement.”

“I enjoyed everything. It was actually good that we all enjoyed the training and was worth it.”

“It was funny and helpful and it was easy to follow because it was explained and it got my attention.”

“I enjoyed the activities that we did, like the communication activities that we had at the end and the stories that he told us.”

“Good job Robin Cox; nice talking and mingling with you. Keep your good job up. “HELP SOME MORE STUDENTS!” Thanks for giving advice.”

“Thank you for giving us this opportunity to better ourselves.”

“I was actually hoping to gain a bit of confidence in approaching others and I think I’ve achieved that.”