GR8Mates - feedback from adolescent participants

Feedback from Students Participating in the GR8 Mates School-based Youth Mentoring Program

When one appreciates that the average 14 and 15-year old student beginning to disengage from school is likely to be dealing with a variety of personal and social issues, simply gaining feedback from them at the end of their mentoring relationship was appreciated. However, on closer reading, the impact of the GR8 Mates program on these young lives was clearly significant:

[My mentor] has helped me through good times and bad and has helped me cope. She has also helped me with what my goal is in life and things I need to do to achieve becoming a teacher…[the program] has heaps of different aspects and it is brilliant …it is perfect the way it is.”

 “[My mentor] gave me a lot of confidence. He told me about my self-worth and my values. I was extremely lucky to get him as a mentor. I liked that I had someone to talk to whenever I needed to, through email and face to face. I realized throughout the journey my career goals and opportunities.”

“My mentor has helped me analyze myself and the careers I’m interested in and helped me to find better time managing skills. I liked having someone to talk to about life in general, and having someone who can relate to certain things has been helpful and fun.”

 “She has really helped me with managing my time. She has also been a great help with finding information about my career and how to achieve it. I enjoyed the whole thing.”

 “She has helped me find what I’d like to do when I’m older and set a goal, as well as helping me find work experience at good places 🙂

 “Because I am 100% sure about where I’m going in life and have gained many valuable skills that will help me achieve my goals … gained a friend.”

 “It was just good to be able to talk to someone about anything.”

 “He has helped sort through my life and make right decisions when it comes to work related things. Very awesome person. Really been good with him.”

“[She] helped me gain self-confidence, realize what I wanted to do in the future, how I was going to get there and has helped me achieve my goals.”

“She told me things I just wanted to hear.”

 “Helped find the jobs I like … talking about jobs…”

“I now understand what I want to do in life… I enjoyed it all.”

“She has opened my mind to the opportunities and still has more I’d love to learn from her. She took me to a Career Psychologist showing me what I am best at. She has helped open my mind 🙂 … it is a good program.”

 “[She] has helped me become more confident in myself and I hope that I have made a positive impact on her life as well. I wish her all the best … talking about each other’s lives, resolving issues and having a good laugh. I liked everything. I think it was a great idea. Thank you for allowing me to have this experience.”

 “Helped me with job opportunities e.g. work experience.”

 “She has helped me write my Resume. She organized work experience. Good rapport.”

 “[She] has helped me with a lot of things…having someone to talk to.”

 “He has been there if I needed to talk … make it last longer.”

 “[She] has taught me to control my anger and shown me the importance of a good career.”