Skills and Attributes of a Teacher-Mentor

The effective Teacher-Mentor is someone students believe in, respect and honor. Honorable Teacher-Mentors are regarded by students as honest, upright, sincere, loyal and genuine; have high credibility, are reliable and true to what they believe is right and are prepared to accept and acknowledge personal responsibility for their actions.

In the 21st Century such teachers are going to be sought after by students looking for role models and people, outside of the immediate family, to inspire and encourage them. Where students cross paths with such Teacher-Mentors:

  • they comply with the Teacher-Mentors’ wishes because they want what the Teacher-Mentors want.
  • they believe in the credibility of the Teacher-Mentors as Teacher-Mentors put across the message of believing in their students.
  • they willingly and wholeheartedly give themselves to what the Teacher-Mentors asks of them.
  • the Teacher-Mentors have power with others, not over them.

Teacher-Mentors appreciate that students always have a choice as to how they respond to situations, issues etc., even if that choice might be limited by personal circumstances. Some of the key skills and attributes of Teacher-Mentors, therefore, will include:

  • Honesty
  • Good communication skills: the ability to listen, understand, reflect, clarify, validate, encourage, question, give constructive feedback
  • Goal setting and achieving using a straightforward action plan
  • A clearly defined set of values
  • A sincere interest in the well-being of the student
  • The ability to motivate and inspire
  • The desire to make a difference
  • Patience
  • Sound┬ámanagement of time skills
  • Being approachable, flexible and open-minded
  • Teamwork
  • Empathy
  • Respect (self-respect and respect for others)
  • Knows personal limitations
  • The ability to always see the bigger picture
  • Fair
  • Objective
  • Well organized
  • Creative and innovative
  • Tolerant
  • A sense of humour
  • Non-judgmental