Teachers Song

Teachers song/motivate/inspire/teens

Sammie Lee Hill was born in San Francisco, California in 1950, and was raised in north Richmond. He retired from the California Police Department in 1992, and is currently working at Richmond High School in the capacity of Community Relations Liaison. He is a mentor and also teaches workshops for students in music publishing and copyrights. His success as a Lyricist/Songwriter has earned him numerous awards and overwhelming recognition for the “Mentor Theme Song”. Sammie is a member of the Songwriter’s Guild of America, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and the Screen Actors Guild.

Grateful thanks are expressed to Sammie for permission to place the “Teachers Song” on the Mentoring Matters website.

Teachers Song

TEACHERS, you’re my guidin’ inspiration Thanks for givin’ me an education You work so hard, so I can reach my goals With respect, I will do what I’m told You have taught me the wisdom, and show’d me the will Now I have the ability to perform my skills TEACHERS, with your knowledge, I can succeed in life You’re like an angel, that bless’d me in the night I love you, and I care for you There’s nothin’ I wouldn’t do for you Teaching is your concern… So, show me the way, and I will learn TEACHERS, I will walk and stand by you I respect what you do So whatever I become I’ll be ready for the new millenium Let me fulfill my dreams and expectations Cause, we are all partners in education

Original Lyrics by: Sammie Lee Hill
Copyright. © 1999