Surprisingly Simple Parenting Tips Anyone Can Use

The Covid pandemic has changed the world. We will never return to the pre-Covid days. Already I am hearing how the pandemic has caused increased anxiety among youth and I have little doubt it has affected families in a variety of ways, a reason for the last couple of blogs having more of a focus on parents and the promotion of the spirit of mentoring.

I am grateful to Kristin Louis who has kindly shared this guest blog:

Every parent wishes they had the magic recipe for raising happy, healthy kids. If only the perfect dosage of love, guidance, and discipline could guarantee well-rounded kids, our lives would be
a whole lot easier!

The truth is, parenting is a lot more complex than that. But while there’s no formula for raising great kids, you can check out these parenting resources from Mentoring Matters with simple tips
anyone can use!

Home Safety at Every Age

Your first job as a parent? Keeping your kids safe. Use these resources to create a safe environment at home and on the go.

Childproofing your home: An A to Z guide.
Child safety in and around the home.
What are the laws on child safety seats in New Zealand, for example – check your country’s rules? 

Healthy Routines = Happy Kids

Routines make kids feel safe and supported. They also make your life a lot easier as a parent. These resources help parents establish positive routines that give kids room to grow.

Helping children adjust to rules and routines.
Healthy eating schedule, toddler style.
The importance of sleep – and how to help your child get it.

Communicating Effectively with Your Kids

Good communication is the foundation of any relationship. From before your baby can speak to the teenage years, this is what you need to know about communicating with kids.

Teach your baby to ‘talk’, using sign language.
8 psychologist-backed tips for improving communication with kids.
How to speak your teen’s language.

Fun Ways to Bond as a Family

Parenting isn’t all hard work. There’s a lot you can do to enjoy yourselves as a family and strengthen your bond along the way, like these great family-friendly ideas!

An age-by-age guide to bonding with your child and teenager.
Fun family activities for kids: Ideas and resources.
Storm spotting for children: At-home meteorology.

No matter how much we read and research, parenting will always bring new challenges and uncharted territory. But while no one can give you all the answers, there are some bits of advice
that make life as a parent a whole lot easier. While these resources are only a drop in the bucket of parenting wisdom, we hope you find them helpful on your parenting journey.

Guest blogger: Kristin Louis, Parenting with Kris

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