This week saw the launch of the ementoring component of our school-based mentoring program. Mentees and mentors are able to communicate with each other by logging on through the participating school’s website. They can do this through their home computers, school computers etc. They have ID and Passwords and are only able to communicate with each other. There is a ‘Panic’ function which allows a mentee to send an urgent message to the school Principal, School Coordinator and Program Coordinator if they are stressed, feeling uncomfortable about the content of an email etc. All emails can be monitored by the Principal, the School Coordinator and the Program Coordinator. As soon as i arrive at the office each day I check the emails to see who has been corresponding. It will be interesting to see how this new tool works and does or does not enhance the mentoring relationship.

A couple of mentees have been away from school and so have missed our sessions. We have made arrangements for the mentors to contact the School Coordinator to set up alternative times to meet. This seems to be working well.

Mentors have been encouraged to work through the first part of the Student Manual during the final weeks of the year to build the connection. It was great to hear at the debrief this week how many mentors had been doing this and how many of the students were already beginning to open up to their mentors. I also completed the analysis of all the completed Student Performers and gave the mentors some thoughts about their respective mentees which, hopefully, will also enhance the bonding process.

We have a couple of weeks to go before our probationary period is over, though I am both excited and encouraged by what I am witnessing thus far.