No sooner was there some encouragement about the possibility of youth mentoring expanding in Australia, than an article appeared in today’s newspaper suggesting that one of the most successful youth mentoring programs in New South Wales could be scrapped because of a lack of funding. No decision has been taken yet, but the program is totally dependent on State funding and the local State government seems to be doing its level best to cut funding for the most worthwhile causes!!

This particular program under threat is the Plan-It Youth program, the program on which GR8 MATES has been based.

It will be a great tragedy if all the good work done by those who have pioneered this program is not supported.

Yet again it underlines the importance of being able to obtain donor support and not become totally dependent on government funding, though this is not easy either. GR8 MATES is still exploring the donor options, but we know it is going to be a tough journey to walk unless some benevolent philanthropist with a heart for young people decides to invest in the program.

Watch this space …………