Plans are well under way to expand the GR8 MATES program into two other areas we serve. Last week I held orientation sessions at both schools for interested mentors. What has interested me is the way these mentors are being recruited.

At the school close to Penrith where I am working we have had about 18 people expressing interest from different sources eg, through a tertiary institution’s intranet website; through an email newsletter from our local Chamber of Commerce and through referrals from current mentors.

In the semi-rural school, where three media articles have appeared calling for mentors, I received two phone calls and expressions of interest! The school at which the program will operate has a number of teacher-aides interested in mentoring and I also visited a company that is already doing some work with the school and hope to have two mentors from them.

I am busy working on a media etc. strategy for 2008 as part of a grander plan we are working on.

What continues to fascinate me is how different the communities are in which we are working and how differently they are responding to recruitment processes …. the journey continues! 🙂