I am at the desperate stage of trying to recruit 30 mentors for our two new programs in 2008, one in the local Penrith area and the other in the Hawkesbury area.
Yesterday our email brochure was distributed via the intranet of one of the local tertiary institutions. We also had some advertisements in local community newspapers which, amongst other information shared, mentioned the GR8 MATES mentoring program.
Within 48 hours I have received phone calls or emails from 16 potential mentors and I would think the majority of them are committed even though we have not yet had the orientation program.
I have a policy of responding to all calls and emails within 48 hours of receiving these expressions of interest. I like to think that it puts across the message to these volunteers that we really appreciate their interest in our program.
One of the Hawkesbury community newspapers will be writing an article on the program which will be published next week, all going well and, a short while ago, a local church near Penrith asked if they could advertise the program to their congregation members. They had received the email brochure from a member of their congregation – it’s all about using networks, isn’t it? 🙂
Now for the next 15 mentors!!!!