No sooner have we got this first program under way than we are expanding the program into 2008. It has been a good process, learning from the first launch and applying some improvements. Schools now have to sign a contract committing them to the program, as well as naming their School Coordinator and acknowledging that they understand the role of the School Coordinator. This should make it easier for me to be involved in a program, though from more of a distance once it is well established.

We have a school in the Hawkesbury region and another in the Penrith region now signed on, which means that I have fulfilled our goal of having three schools carrying out the pilot program before the end of 2008.

Our marketing brochure is also available in email form and I spent today sending it to the respective schools for their School Coordinators to distribute. I have one mentor in the Hawkesbury region who has a network of over 150 on his email distribution list, so he has offered to share the marketing email. Our tertiary institution, TAFE, will also be distributing it through their intranet system and tomorrow I am meeting with a church representative from a church close to the Hawkesbury school. I should also be receiving the name of a couple of journalists in that region as well and will be asking them to run stories in the local community newspapers. We are also working on our new website, , and there is an area there where interested potential mentors can sign up. there are local Chambers of Commerce which might also distribute the email to their members.

The target is to recruit and sign on 30 mentors (15 per region) by mid-December so we can process Applications and begin the training as soon as school opens in 2008. The challenge is on …..