How to be a wise guide on the side

The Covid pandemic continues to rage across our global community and there are few signs that it will end any time soon, despite the major push for people to be vaccinated. There are still too many unknowns about this pandemic. However, there is one definite ‘known’ and that is that the world will never be the same. We have to start thinking laterally and explore ways to see ‘all’ members of our global community reach their potential.

As we reflect on this with regard to the development of our youth, Professor Jean Rhodes shares some interesting viewpoints in a recent article containing the opinions of some youth mentoring experts, an article worth reading.

Build meaningful relationships

We must take seriously the comments about inequality, diverse youth issues, ending global poverty and the impact of online youth mentoring, as examples. We should not forget that all our young people crave meaningful relationships in which they feel unconditionally loved and cared for, know that their opinions and ideas are respected and listened to, and that their lives have meaning and purpose.

I have long held the view that every adult can become a significant and positive influence in the lives of our youth, and that we all have the positive spirit of mentoring qualities within Рempathy, humility, enthusiasm, able to nurture, integrity,  inspiration, motivation and many more. However, many of us need guidance on how to further develop these qualities and how to use them effectively to create meaningful relationships with our youth.

I have spent the past five years collating all my resources and offering free ebooks, writing other youth mentoring material, writing these blogs and posting daily words of encouragement on my Facebook mentoring page and Instagram. I have also converted over fifty blogs into short Youtube video clips which are freely available. For those who want to understand youth better through listening to short podcasts, I developed 260 short Mentoring Minutes podcasts that will meet those needs.


5 Spirit of Mentoring EBooks available in this special offer

And now, my final effort to encourage anyone working with youth is found in this series of five ebooks which can easily be downloaded in a special offer that expires on May 15 2021 and which will never be repeated. This is because the Spirit of Mentoring EBook 5 will be withdrawn from the market after this date. My US publisher has offered me a publishing contract for this book. I am currently rewriting it, updating it, adding new strategies and tips and it will appear under a new title later in the year. However, the bulk of this book remains the same.

So, what can you download?

Over 1000 tips and strategies to inspire youth to reach their potential.

Over 440 pages of user-friendly information that will encourage ‘anyone’ working with youth – parents, teachers, mentors, coaches, grandparents and other relatives, and youth workers.

This package includes:

  • 167 proven fun ideas to build meaningful relationships with youth gathered from my global youth mentoring research.
  • 234 discussion topics to help adults connect with youth and guide them to reach their potential. Again, these have been gathered from all my research as well as my own experiences mentoring over 1000 youth in 1:1 relationships during the past forty-five years.
  • A proven¬† seven steps framework which I have used to guide young people throughout my career. I refer to this framework as my ‘secret’ mentoring strategies. Actually, they are straight-forward, user-friendly and common sense.
  • Strategies and tips to encourage youth to set personal best goals, overcome anxiety, deal with stress, handle peer pressure, become more resilient, develop their leadership potential and become responsible users of technology.
  • Strategies, tips, and advice to guide youth to write a winning resume and prepare for a job interview.
  • Over seventy key points to develop an understanding of the teenage brain from the latest research. This understanding is of critical importance for anyone wanting to connect with youth.
  • Three months’ short, user-friendly daily readings – tips, strategies, and true stories promoting the spirit of mentoring.
  • Fourteen true youth mentoring stories which provide practical examples of how to mentor youth.
  • Other resources, tips, strategies, mentoring posters and reflections.

All this is available for only $7.00 until 15 May 2021.

Why not all resources for free?

There are two major reasons why I do not give away everything I write for free. How on earth does one put a realistic value on over forty years of practical experience and research?

The two main reasons are:

  1. I have been told over and over again that people value resources more when there is a charge, even only a small charge, so I am honoring that research and advice I have been given.
  2. Ideally, I would like to cover my costs, which include:
  • hosting my website
  • hosting the 260 short podcasts
  • scheduling the daily mentoring words of encouragement on Facebook and Instagram
  • creating and launching (and advertising) the EBooks

If you are still interested in receiving these resources, here’s what you need to do:



How to receive your free and other downloads by the 15 May 2021

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