Over 1000 Tips and Strategies to Encourage Youth to Achieve Greatness

Over 1000 ideas, including activities for mentors to do with mentees, have been gathered from a variety of mentoring programs. Wherever possible, encourage the mentee to make suggestions about things to do. This is in line with the developmental aspect of youth mentoring. However, mentors might need a few ideas to suggest and the list that follows the information about the new EBooks gives a taste of the content of The Spirit of Mentoring series. The Ebooks containing these topics and heaps of other resources were launched in the new Spirit of Mentoring series in October 2020.

The Spirit of Mentoring series.

EBook 1: 167 Fun ideas and More Tips and Strategies to Encourage Youth – published in October 2020

EBook 2: 160 More Strategies, Tips and True Stories to Encourage Youth – published in October 2020

EBook 3: 234 Discussion topics and More Tips and Strategies to Encourage Youth – published in October 2020.

EBook 4: 60 New Mentoring Messages to Encourage Youth – published in January 2021. My recently published book, Mentoring Minutes: Weekly Messages to Encourage  Anyone Working with Youth had additional fifty messages which were not published. These will be edited and updated, with more youth mentoring tips and strategies added, as 60 New Mentoring Messages are created.

In August 2021 I collated the ebooks into one new and updated ebook – MENTORING: Strategies to Inspire Youth, which is available on Amazon and Kindle.

  1. Set your mentoring goals together
  2. Help with some homework
  3. Make dinner together
  4. Participate in a Fun Run/Walk together
  5. Go out for a meal together
  6. Make popcorn and talk
  7. Go to a movie
  8. Pick fruit
  9. Go to a concert
  10. Go to the library
  11. Go to the theatre
  12. Visit a car museum
  13. Go to the swimming pools
  14. Go to the beach
  15. Visit a major harbor (where applicable)
  16. Go to the gym
  17. Play computer games
  18. Discuss responsible use of a mobile phone and how to handle text bullying in a responsible way.
  19. Visit your workplace
  20. Talk about planning a career
  21. Get together with friends from work
  22. Take tours of friends’ jobs
  23. Visit a tertiary institution
  24. Work on a Resume or C.V.
  25. Visit the SPCA
  26. Go rollerblading
  27. Go to an indoor climbing wall
  28. Go to the museum
  29. Visit an art gallery
  30. Do a personality test (on the computer)