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Amazing Book!!

“I feel like I’ve learned some valuable life skills, as well as learning more about myself. … Robin is very good. Huge knowledge and hands-on experience.”

Volunteer adult mentor

Robin Cox

School Principal, Mentor Program developer, author

Robin is a retired school principal, former sports coach to under nineteen national level, and the author of ten books promoting the spirit of mentoring.

Robin has mentored over 1000 teenagers and trained over 1000 volunteer adult mentors. He has developed youth mentoring programs in New Zealand and Australia. Robin has also developed Peer Support and Peer Mentor programs in Southern Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Robin presented his Spirit of Mentoring workshop to teachers and students in five schools in India, as well as in Australia.

Robin has spoken at International and other Conferences and gatherings, won awards for his leadership in education, and received a Churchill Fellowship to further develop his knowledge of youth mentoring. He visited twenty-three youth mentoring and coaching programs in the United States of America and Canada.

Above all, Robin is STILL learning about youth, relationships, mentoring … LIFE!

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