The 21st Century Education Revolution: an Education for Life

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Robin Cox shares his personal journey to find the most effective and relevant holistic education process to encourage youth to reach their potential. During this search he met retired school principal Peter Barnard who introduced him to a twenty-first century revolutionary education idea which has been implemented in hundreds of schools in recent years. The Vertical Tutoring System is described in a user-friendly way as Robin shares how he facilitated the implementation of this system at a school in Australia where he was an Assistant Head at the time, the immediate impact and then some of the most important points to understand the power of the Vertical Tutoring System. Not only does Robin believe this System can transform New Zealand high or secondary schools and reduce the high levels of anxiety, as well as other antisocial behaviors, he also believes it should be implemented globally to better prepare youth for the world of work. Vertical Tutoring contains so many aspects of the spirit of mentoring.

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