EBook 3: 234 Discussion topics and More Tips and Strategies to Encourage Youth

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EBook 3: 234 Discussion Topics and More Tips and Strategies to Encourage Youth

This is the third EBook in the five EBook Spirit of Mentoring series being rolled out by December 2021. Robin Cox has collated all his education, leadership, coaching, and youth mentoring resources to share this information in this user-friendly, affordable series of books. Much of the material has been unable to be used in his previous publications because of limitations of space. All material has been updated and he has included new material. This book is also available on Kindle.

What is in this EBook – a ‘bumper edition’?

  • 5 true mentoring stories to encourage the building of meaningful relationships with youth
  • the sought after and incredibly helpful 234 Discussion topics to build meaningful relationships with youth
  • 23 key points from adolescent brain research to help mentors understand the teenage brain
  • handling the highs and lows of stress and activity
  • tips for preparing youth for the world of work